Thursday, August 10, 2017

Rule #1. Show up everyday.

I've adopted some life rules.  I've shared many of them with friends and family over the years.   I'm going to be sharing my seven rules to success over the next several weeks.  They've come from many different sources.  My friends Michael F. Johnson and Bob Lasch, my grandfather,  and my own experiences.  I have taught all my children these rules and many of their friends.  I follow these rules myself. The first three rules I've adopted from my good friend Michael F. Johnson.  Michael writes about these three rules in his book "Kill the First Tiger" under the chapter "The Three Hard Daily Steps To Success".

The rule for today is "Show up everyday".  This rule might seem simple or even common sense.  It might even seem overly obvious. But I can assure you that many people who are not having success fail to follow this very simple rule. To show up everyday isn't necessarily about being physically in some specific location for work but it does mean you can be reached (phone, computer, email, etc.) and you are mentally available.  It means being emotionally, physically, and mentally ready and prepared for whatever it is you do.  It is rule #1 because if you can't do this you're not likely going to be able to do anything else, let alone follow the other success rules.  Even though this is rule #1 I call this my "finishing rule". I use to coach competitive youth soccer and this rule was important to success on game days. I ran team practices requiring players to "Show up" and to train as hard as though they were playing to win a game.   This required them to be thinking and working together to move the ball around the field.  Did you know you can't win the game if you can't put the ball in the net? That's "finishing" in soccer and it requires that your emotionally, physically, and mentally ready to capitalize on an opportunity to shoot and score.  It doesn't matter if you have just run for 80 minutes and you're tired, worn out and the pressure is intense.  If you don't take that shot and find the net you don't win. In real estate, when you're tired from searching and showing homes to find that perfect place they'll call home,  you still need to "Show up" to write up that offer for them and "finish" the sale.

I'm confident you're already thinking of people you work with that break this rule consistently. Those people are the ones that don't seem to have any success.  Likely even blame others for that lack of success. Don't be that person! Be purposeful about showing up everyday!

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