Thursday, August 17, 2017

Rule #2. Pay attention

I've adopted some life rules.  I've shared many of them with friends and family over the years.   I'm going to be sharing my seven rules to success over the next several weeks.  They've come from many different sources.  My friends Michael F. Johnson and Bob Lasch, my grandfather,  and my own experiences.

If you missed rule #1 you can find that post here.

Today's rule is rule #2 is "Pay Attention".   It is in the top 3 because of its relationship to having success with anything you are doing. You can see this skill demonstrated by a good server at your favorite restaurant.  That person will pay attention to your table and notice things like empty glasses that need refilled. It is a skill that requires effort in our world full of distractions but it is essential if your going to be successful.  If you don't "pay attention" you really can't be successful.  Take a listen to my good friend Michael F. Johnson talk about "Paying Attention" as only he can describe the rule.  -->  I suspect this will be the best three minutes you spend today if you pay attention.

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