Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Rule #7 - Teach people the rules.

In an effort to continue writing down my life success rules I've come to the last rule #7, "Teach people the rules."  Remember, the rules are in order and build upon each other for a reason.  Get the first 6 rules working in your own life before you try this rule out.

In my experience, when it comes to success, very few things come naturally.  That is where rule #7 comes into play.   "Teach people the rules."   Teaching people the first three rules will have the largest impact, however, it is the most challenging.  Some people simply don't understand the correlation of these first three rules to success.  My advice is, don't waste time with people who don't already follow the first three rules (knowingly or unknowingly).   You can certainly share those rules in the effort to help them understand why they never seem to have success.  However, trying to teach those rules will likely frustrate you and for some they will never see success because of an unwillingness to change.  The best advice with regards to the first three rules is to "show" not "tell" and wait for them to ask.

If you are ready to teach the rules (because your have success while following rules 1 to 5) then here's some additional advice.   Explain the rules in order.  Emphasize the importance of each rule building on the previous rule.  As I said earlier in the description of those first three rules, people can be successful in just doing those three so don't worry if that's all they intend to ever do.  It doesn't limit your success. Anyone who is already demonstrating the first three rules regularly is a good candidate to invest your time and energy into teaching.   One final bit of advice,  the most difficult rule for many successful people is generally rule #5, "Assume command", because for many people it will be outside their comfort zone.  You should have rule #5 down well yourself, before teaching that rule, because drawing on your own experience of seeing success with that rule will be the best way to teach others.

Now, if you're ready, get out there and tell people about these rules!

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